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The Sleep Over club

One morning   there was a girl who was still a sleep. Her name was Cole .Then Cole heard a noise.A noise like a ring .She was supriced. But it was her friend Dani. She told in a very werid voice”Come to my house a fast as you can.”

Books or T.V


I think books are better than the t.v because we learn new words. Would it not be easy to spell and learn new words with books?

Reason 1

Firstly, books are great for spelling tests. For example when the kids are doing a spelling test and they read a book before and the book has the same word. And you remember it and write it down you might get it right.

Reason 2

Secondly,books make you have a healthy mind and eyes. For example I was seeing the t.v and my eyes were hurting. That’s not healthy.

Reason 3

Finally,books are great for having fun and going out for a adventure. For example I was sitting not doing anything that’s not fun.


these reasons are great to use when you not doing anything.



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