[Week 5

Things I’m proud of this week:

I am proud of being on task.

Things I’ve learnt this week:

I’ve learnt that gold is very big.

My goal for next week:

My goal is to be more  faster.

Week 7

Things I am proud of this week:

I am proud of going to camp.

Things I’ve learnt this week:

I have learnt that there lots different  lots of people came to the gold rush.

My goal for next week:

My goal is to do more work.

Week 6

Things I have enjoyed this week?

Getting through olsc got talent.

Making paper scrolls.

Making a new game with one ball.

Things I have learnt this week?

On the 11th day on the 11th month and 11th hour is remembrence day.

How to make different scrolls.

In maths subtration in number partern.

My goal next week?

To work hard.

Use my time affectily.


term 3 reflection

yr 3 camp:

i went to camp first i had a 2 hr hike then we walked up a big hill that was very then we had lunch and had activtes.The first activty i did was rock climbing,then archry and then low ropes.

book week:

In book week we had the book fair were could buy things on friday we had the dress up day.I bougth a pen with dolphin charms on it.

100 days of school:

on the hundred days of school we could dress up like hundred things or bring a poster i brought a poster the had things that equal 100.

Term 4

week 3 reflection – Tuesday

What  good about being 3-6 in lc3?

That there is no prep-2 because they need to ask help everytime when we are doing our work.

What is a concern/worry about it?

That there’s not much space because there’s lots of 3-6 and not much tables for everyone.

What can I do to overcome it?

Rearange the tables so there is lots of space and get some new tables.

Something I’ve enjoyed this week?

Staying in lc3 because I we know each other.

Something I’ve learnt this week?

I learnt adverbs which is a describes a doing word.

Write down a goal for next week?

Writing neater because I neeed get more better at writing.

week 4

Something I have learnt this weak?

Specialists because I did all the Specialists.

Making a pencil case because it is our own pencil case.

Library because I can borrow my own books.

Something I have learnt this week?

Learning angles because I did not know angles.

Scrolls in art because I did not scrolls.

Hearing aids because how it help it looks in your ear.

My goals for next week?

Working on time and writing more neater.

Week 5

Southing I enjoyed this week?

The long weekend because we could have a rest

The robotic excursion we used Lego and it moved.

Sport just as senior group because the juniors always need help.

Something I learnt this week?

Lego robot machines that can move.

Compters that make the lego machines move.

Using adobe voice.

My goals next week?

Writing neatly.

Working hard.

Week 8

What have I have enjoyed this week?

Getting through olsc got talent because I was the main star.

Playing sports with freinds.

Doing speaicialist.

What have I learnt?

I learnt how to write first person.

I learnt that a person didn’t have a real life converstation.

I learnt fractions like halves and quarters.

My goal for next week?

To work hard.

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