Special list

Visual Art

Semester 2 2014

I learnt How to make  paper scrolls like s scroll ,c scrolls,petal scroll and petal scroll.I learnt how to make a clay model with a hard clay.I learnt how to draw a self portrait of me.I learnt have to make a collage with different pictures in a magzine.I learnt to use different paint.

I enjoyed working with others and making different paper scrolls

My group worked well by helping each other

I think art is good because it helps me in Maths to design things.




What have I learnt in auslan?

Don’t where bright colours becuase the deaf people thinks it is very bright distractes them from seeing the signs and I have learnt my alphabet more and I use the alphabet if I see a deaf person I will talk with them with Auslan.

What was the highlights?

Learning food and animals ,numbers and colours. Being able to sign the alphabet now and spell words so that silve can show us the sign we need.



My 2014 PE reflection

What I have  learnt?

I learnt how to play cross over.

I learnt how to play elastics.

I learnt how to play football

My highlight?

Playing cross over and making a new game. I learnt that you can make up different games

During Cross Over you have to get to the other side without getting tagged.

Performing arts

What I’ve learnt?

I learnt how to perform properly in olsc  got talent.

I also learnt how to do miming.

I learnt how to dance.

What have I enjoyed?

Getting through olsc got talent.

Doing miming by myself.

Games that I have played in performing arts.

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